“I’m stoked on this lube. It works great.  I did two races, one on my geared bike one on my single speed.  It was super dusty but held up and kept the drive train shifting smooth and quite.  I would recommend this to anyone racing cross.” 

- Tyler Cannon, Service Manager at Art’s Cyclery, San Luis Obispo CA

“It went on easily with the little spout applicator and I didn’t worry as much as usual about getting it all over my hands because I knew it wasn’t a petroleum byproduct.  As I used the rag to wipe off the excess, it really felt like a cleaning process when put it on.  And now its going like a dream – no squeaks and smooth as silk to pedal.  I am pleased as punch that it was so easy.  Thanks again!”

- D. Hansmann, Midwestern year-round commuter

“Great product! I’m hooked and will never use anything else again! So far… 236 miles on a single application is my best!!!”

- Road & Trail Rider’s post on Facebook.com

“We’re really happy with the lube. I especially like that we can leave it in the car and not get the toxic smell that our old lube used to generate. When this gets on your hands, it feels like a moisturizer you can rub in, instead of a toxin that is going to cause cancer.”

- R. Hugh, mountain & road cyclist

“We’re excited to be partnering with Skip to Renew. No petroleum, no toxins. Their chain lube couldn’t be more appropriate for our Climate Riders’ bikes on this multi-day ride!”

- Geraldine Carter, Climate Ride Executive Director

“The Re:cyclist is overall a very smooth and clean feel on the chain. I like the way it rides!”

- P. Bozzo, Mountain Biker, Santa Rosa CA